The two new Chanel Nuit Magique Le Vernis nail Colours will Cast Their Cosmic Magic online soon

Chanel’s Cosmic Le Vernis nail Colour ($27), one of two new online exclusive shades in the Nuit Magique collection
My last magical night was the final night of my trip to Kauai with El Hub last August. After dinner, we walked down to the beach by our hotel on Kalapaki Bay and took a long, leisurely stroll on the sand under the moonlight.

The moon was so full and round that night. I felt like it was just above my head, like I could reach best out get it. We walked and talked from one end of the beach to the other while listening to a band playing somewhere in the distance. The music mixed with the sound of the waves gently lapping at our feet.


We talked about all kinds of things as we walked and viewed the moonlight reflect on the water — the fun things we did on our trip, the other places we still hoped to travel, and where we saw our little family in the next few years.

It was a magical night, and I wished it would never end. I remember looking down at my feet at one point and viewing the water wash over my toes…

Incidentally, I was wearing Chanel Taboo!


Kočky a make-up mikina?

$ 42.

Nakupuj teď

I love Taboo… It’s one of my all-time Chanel faves (right up there with Jade), but if I’m ever lucky enough to have a another magical night like that one, I hope I’m wearing one of the two Chanel nail polishes in the Nuit Magique collection (magical night, en Français) — ya know, to choose the whole magical theme of the night.

The two-piece limited edition collection of dark and moody colors goes on sale December 2, exclusive to

Both of them seem like ideal colors for a big night out. Or a big day (if you’re into deeper shades like I am).

Two coats of Magic

Chanel says that Magic, a deep blue with a cream finish, was inspired by the color of the sky at daybreak (it reminds me of dark wash denim jeans when you first bring them home from the store).

Per usual, I’m wearing two coats in the swatch above, but Magic is pigmented enough for one.

It’s a tad challenging to apply with the included brush, particularly at the bottom of my nails near the cuticle, where I can typically freehand a crisp edge with many nail polishes.

Not that Magic’s completely messy or anything. Vůbec ne. It’s just that the brush doesn’t always fan out evenly, so the edge can end up slightly choppy. To clean it up, I’ll dip a stiff angled brush into nail polish remover, and run that along the bottom and sides of my nails.

No big whoop.

Two coats of Cosmic
Cosmic, the second shade, I LURVE! It’s a dense, goth-girl-goes-black-tie sparkling black with blue and silver pearl, and it twinkles in the light.

It’s not light on pigment, but I think Magic includes more. Where I can get away with one coat of Magic, I think Cosmic prefers two.

The slightly lower level of pigment might also be why I think Cosmic is a little simpler to apply. I was able to get those good edges that I like without having to do the trick with nail polish remover.


It’s too bad that neither of these shades will be available at Chanel stores or counters. For this magic, you’ll have to shop online at (don’t forget the date — December 2).

Your friendly neighborhood charm addict,


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