NARS Banc De Sable palette Review: just the Highlights

The new NARS Banc De Sable palette highlighting palette ($49)
OK, to be blunt…as far as I’m concerned, contouring can just go away already and never come back. but highlighting? PROSÍM. Highlighting, I beg of you, please stay around forever, because then I’ll be able to keep looking forward to things like the NARS Banc De Sable Palette, or BANK-DUH-SAB-ELLE…

I’m sure I butchered that 100%!


Banc De Sable, a new $49 highlighting palette with three highlighters, arrives March 1 at Sephora and, and it’s not your average highlighting palette. These powders have what NARS describes as (insert whispery official voice here) “water-activated highlighters.”


Well, they supposedly work with the skin’s surface to create a supernatural glow.


Kočky a make-up mikina?

$ 42.

Nakupuj teď

V podstatě? Vlhký Suchý. You can wear them dry for a light sheen or with a wet brush to intensify the shine.

Swatches of NARS Banc De Sable
So, the trend over the past few years has been this whole, like, “OMG! You can see my highlight from space,” and yeah, that’s kind of what I expected from this palette, but to my surprise it’s really… What’s the word? They aren’t toned down or subdued. These definitely aren’t as hush-hush as the hourglass Ambient Highlighters.

They’re more like, “Hey! There’s some shine here! but it won’t smack you across the booty.”

And that’s what I like about it. The finish is like that whether you wear it wet or dry.

I’m wearing Rivage on my lids and Sale and Embruns mixed and applied wet on my cheekbones
Rivage, the lightest shade, is a cool-toned glistening beige pearl; Sale, the middle shade, is a shimmering peach champagne; and Embruns is a rose gold.

I’m also wearing NARS famous Red on my lips and the MAC Semi-Sweet Times nine palette on my eyes

I’m wearing the lightest shade dry in the center of my lids in these pics (I pressed it on with a fingertip), and I’m also wearing the medium shade and the dark shade mixed together and applied wet to the tops of my cheekbones.

As you can see, there’s some glistening, but it’s not, like, OTT glistening. I think it’s lovely.

AND nothing is sitting in my fine lines, yay! Yes, I just sang that out loud.


Verdict: Make an excuse — any excuse — to stop by Sephora, because this is great! Did you manage to get out of bed today? Did you live life? If yes, you should reward yourself by checking out the NARS Banc De Sable Palette, ’cause it’s *really* pretty.

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