The new benefit Hoola spring 2016 Collection

It’s official! You can now actually smother benefit Hoola around your bod without going with an entire pan of bronzer.

You haven’t done that? Oh, just me?


They’ve broadened on the crazy prominent Hoola bronzer by adding a liquid bronzer called “Dew The Hoola”. Aw, incredibly cute! They’ve likewise come out with an all-over body bronzer called “Zero Tan Lines”. Last, however a lot of absolutely not least, the cutest bronzing clean with blue hairs on a manage made from golden bamboo. The collection officially releases on February 26th.

This release was an response to my prayers since this has to be my palest wintertime yet. I have to (get to) look at my Hawaiian hubby as well as son’s golden tans year round, as well as I begin to feel quite poor for myself come February, so I slathered myself in all things Hoola in a determined attempt to pretend that I just came back from Hawaii.

Let me tell you what I thought.


Kočky a make-up mikina?

$ 42.

Nakupuj teď

Dew The Hoola is indicated to be a liquid version of the popular Hoola powder bronzer, which is a gorgeous awesome brown shade that appears like an actual tan on your face. I believe that’s why it’s been so popular, since it looks so natural compared to so lots of of its orange competitors.

I have to admit that I was quite dissatisfied the very first time I pumped out the bright orange liquid, since it wasn’t in any way what I expected. however still, I pressed onward as well as used it to the hollows of my cheeks, around the perimeter of my face, as well as on my nose as well as chin. then I mixed it in with a moist appeal Blender. I likewise tried it with a fluffy deal with brush, however it didn’t blend out almost as well. 

As soon as it was all mixed in, it ended up looking…not as well bad. I truly like the consistency as well as workability of the liquid, however I believe the color is off for me.

Many makeup addicts, like you as well as I, have gone with 1 or 2 or 12 boxes of the original Hoola Matte Bronzer, as well as if you haven’t, run, don’t walk, to pick one up. It’s the bomb diggity. The color is like laying on the beach for two weeks. 

I likewise utilized the bronzer together with the new clean to set Dew the Hoola, as well as it went truly well, since it assisted to right the orange in the liquid, making whatever look a bit a lot more natural.

And speaking of the brush, I really, truly like it! It’s the best shape to in shape ideal into the contours of your cheek to softly chisel out your cheekbones.

It’s not a contour clean though. It’s a great deal fluffier, which is fantastic since it does double task to softly sweep the color over the rest of your face. I see it as a 2-in-1 deal.

Hoola Zero Tanlines is an all-over body bronzer indicated to last as much as 12 hours without transferring onto your clothes. It includes a sponge developed ideal into the packaging, so you wont get gross, dirty-looking hands. Now, this isn’t a self-tanner that you put on, as well as it establishes as well as lasts for a week or so. It’s a totally momentary tan that showers ideal off.


Mé myšlenky? Um, I’m not precisely sure what to believe of this one. The color is extremely sheer, however it is buildable. I added two coats on my arm however didn’t see a big difference, as well as I likewise discovered it a bit difficult to blend out completely. As soon as I’d get one section blended, it seemed like one more part started to lot as well as chunk. I believe that with a bit time you might get it looking quite good, however let’s be sincere — with a two-year-old trying to climb my leg as well as pulling down my pants begging to enjoy “fwee panda” (Kung Fu Panda), I just don’t have the patience to make this work.

Overall, the new releases in this collection are in a word, meh. It hurts a bit in my heart stating that since I had such high hopes! The original Hoola bronzer is always worth a purchase, however I would take a look at these, do a bit swatchy swatch, as well as see what you believe for yourself.

Co myslíš? exactly how do you feel about these new Hoolas?

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