MAC Future MAC Collection for spring 2016: Reinventing the policies of color and shine

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Hádej co? I learned a new Photoshop trick! just in case you didn’t notice, but I have gained the power of man-made lens flares. Beware, photography! Yep, it’s absolutely cheesy/fabulous, but this new MAC collection practically asked for it.


This is the MAC Future MAC collection, and it’s available online ideal now and pertaining to stores April 7th. 

The collection is all about the next generation of hyper-luminous Mineralize products and new horizons of colour, and true to their description, the lip and skin products have amazingly special textures and sparkle.

Keep reading to sneak a peek at the future of beauty…for April at least!


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$ 42.

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Future MAC: The Pout of the Future

Mineralize Glass (L-R) The Zone, Antireality, Telegenius, Interspatial
Swatches (L-R) of MAC Mineralize Glass in Antireality, Interspatial, Telegenius, The Zone

MAC Mineralize rich Lipsticks (L-R) in Cybernaut, Supernova, Ionized, Metafabulous, Touch the Earth

The lipstick is cut on an extreme angle. I ended up using the idea a lot more than the flat side.
Swatches of (L-R) MAC Supernova, Cybernaut, Metafabulous, Ionized, Touch the Earth
I’ve never tried the Mineralize Glass ($23) or Mineralize rich Lipsticks ($23) before this point, but oh-em-gee are they shiny!

The Mineralize rich Lipsticks glide on the skin and build up to really special colors. “Touch the Earth” is my personal favorite for a amazing nude, but I can’t wait to rock “Ionized” and “Metafabulous” as well. I plan to do a future post (heh…) using and showing these lip products, so feel complimentary to post your questions below, and I will try to tackle them in the next post.

The Mineralize Glasses feel similar enough to the regular Lipglasses (tacky and beautifully scented) but have multi-colored glitter instead of any significant pigmentation. The glitter hovers on top of the lips and skin, and I think these would be fun to layer on top of lipstick.

Future MAC: The Future of Eyes

Moment of silence for Future MAC “Full Orbit” Mineralize Eye shadow x4
MAC Mineralize Eye shadow x4 in “Nano-Nude” and “Dark Energy”
Swatches of “Dark Energy”
Swatches of “Full Orbit”
Swatches of”Nano-Nude”
MAC Eye Gloss (L-R) “Lightly Taupe” and “Pearl Varnish”
MAC Eye Gloss (T-B) “Lightly Taupe” and “Pearl Varnish”
“Charged Black” Mineralize Multi-Effect Lash
Moment of silence for the palette that broke in-transit, “Full Orbit” — a gorgeous silvered taupe. These kinds of smokey khakis are my weakness too! The other Mineralize Eye shadow X4s ($46) came in an icy blue (Dark Energy) and a warm gold (Nano-Nude). I gravitated toward “Dark Energy” the most because the icy blue looked really modern. I grew up in the time of chokers and blue eyeshadow, and now those things are back, but in a cool-girl way.

This was also the first time I tried MAC studio Eye Gloss ($22), which gives eyes an editorial shine. I actually felt and heard my eyes blink… interesting concept, but it’s not for me! It has a crazy tacky texture that I find tough to remove from my skin, fingers, and clothing.

Future MAC: The Future of Skin

MAC Mineralize Skin finish in “Warm Rose” and “Otherearthly”
A better shot of the “Otherearthly” MAC Mineralize Skinfinish. The gold shimmer has a ton of dimension.
Swatch of “Warm Rose” Mineralize Skinfinish
Swatches of MAC Otherearthly: individual shades and mixed
Capturing the extraordinary sheen of MAC Otherearthly Mineralize Skinfinish
MAC Lustre drops in “Barbados Girl” and “Pink Rebel”
Swatches of (T-B) “Barbados Girl” and “Pink Rebel”
On to my favorite part! and I am going to call this now, but the MAC Otherearthly Mineralize Skinfinish ($32) WILL sell out. I wouldn’t wait on this one if you’re interested. The silver portion of the pan has a few glitters, but I don’t see them on my skin once mixed. I feel like my highlight with this is from the heavens.

The warm rose Mineralize Skinfinish ($32) is pastel pink with pink reflects and is, I believe, from the permanent line.

Last, but not least, the Lustre drops in Pink Rebel ($21) and Barbados girl ($21) are sooo divine. Barbados is deeper and a lot more intense than Pink Rebel, and I can see either one working for a lot of skin tones.

Fun side-story, but my best pal one time inadvertently used a bottle of Lustre drops instead of her normal eye drops. She drove to work crying glitter, and I don’t think any other memory of our friendship makes me laugh THAT hard.

She gave me her bottle of Lustre drops to make sure that never happened again. It was so terrible…but best story ever amiright.


Whew! This post covered a lot, so feel complimentary to ask any questions relating to the collection, and I’ll reply or answer it in a future post. and as always, I’d love to know what you people have your heart sEt!

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