A “TGIF” 10 minutes With MAC Selena La Reina | fun With glitter | *Not* dancing With Myself

Peep the bronze on my upper lash lines (it’s glitter eyeshadow!)
I can’t even… I am SO delighted it’s Friday, my friend. I don’t know, but this week was draining. even though it was just a lot more of the same, really, the whole sameness of it all is wearing on me. I know you’re probably in a similar boat, or you’re an essential worker out there doing your best, or you’re unemployed because of this. Whatever the case may be, I’m sorry this is happening to you. To all of us. These are strange, unsettling days indeed. ?

But what can we do, other than our best every day to get through it? and none of us knows the “best” or the “right” way to deal with something like this. we all have different needs and responsibilities, different situations. I want you to know I’m with you, and I support you. You’re doing your best, just like I am too. ??


With that, here’s a little something makeup-related, because why not right? For this look I used a glitter eyeshadow as my liner (the bronze glitter from the MAC Selena La Reina palette).

Such a helpful hack!

Another day, another 10 minute makeup look
You just load an angled eyeliner brush (I like the NARS #47) with your glitter shadow of choice, spray the brush head with setting spray, and, because fallout isn’t fun, tap it to unload any excess powder bits, and then run the brush along your lash lines.


Kočky a make-up mikina?

$ 42.

Nakupuj teď


The same shiny effect you get from a shimmery liquid eyeliner, except that’s it’s much easier to do because you don’t have to deal with wet liner spreading all over your lids or getting up into your crease.

And you know I like easy, especially lately.

Make-up nošení v tomto pohledu

BASE: MAC Prep + Prime natural radiance and MAC studio fix Soft Matte Stick in NC42

EYES: MAC Selena La Reina eyeshadow palette (matte medium brown in crease, glittery bronze on the upper lash line), Laura Mercier Caviar Mascara (lashes), MAC cool Jazz Technakohl liner (upper water line)

CHEEKS: MAC Pinch Me Blush

LIPS: MAC Selena La Reina Lip Pencil in Entre a Mi Mundo, MAC love Nectar Lipglass

By the way, there are lots of setting sprays that work well with this trick. I’ve used MAC Fix+, urban Decay All Nighter; the ones by make up For ever and Shiseido are also great. In a pinch, even water will do.

If you plan to do this to a pan of glitter, I suggest designating one area of your pan to be the place where you *always* dip the wet brush head; otherwise, if you’re grabbing from all over the place, you can turn the top layer of your shadow into a hard, clumpy mess.

For the life of me, I haven’t been able to take a normal photo today, because my coworkers have been ALL UP IN MY BUSINESS.

Nikdy sám
Did you notice the mystery hand in the lower corner?

Not for one second!
I’ve been making a self-quarantine playlist and have been playing Billy Idol’s dancing With Myself like nobody’s business, but I’m very thankful that, throughout this period of isolation, I haven’t really been by myself. thank you for stopping by and keeping in touch.

When I was a kid and this played on MTV, I’d change the channel because it afraid me.

You’re welcome to join The Girl’s Club! So far, it’s just me, Rosie and the CoyCoy. lifetime membership!

Wanna join The girls Club?
If you’re going to join us, just know that you’ll be required to either play hopscotch, ride bikes or jump rope. standard girls Club stuff, ya know.

Last weekend, I jumped rope for the first time in…I don’t even know how long, and OH, MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS, I’m still recovering. My body hella hurts, dude!

I’ve been teaching Connor how to jump rope (this is what she gets in her classes at “mom home school,” ha ha), and for some demented reason, I thought it might be kinda fun to take up jumping rope as my new form of cardio…

Wow, that was a questionable idea.

I’ve named my jump rope “Bob.”
I jumped for three minutes straight (well, I tried to, at least), rested for a minute, then repeated the cycle. I did this seven times. I figured, hey, I’m not in horrible shape. I can jump rope for a total of 24 minutes, right? Kus. Z. Dort.

Ani náhodou! Apparently, one doesn’t need much rope jumping to hobble themselves for an entire week. The next day, I could barely walk. kdo ví?!

Can you remember the last time you jumped rope? If you can, did you do a double under?! (Yes, it’s a thing.)


Váš přátelský sousedství odvolání závislý,


P.S. TGIF! ?

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