These L’Oreal glossy Balms Are perfect for lazy Sunday Afternoons full of French Fries as well as Vanilla Shakes

four of the eight new L’Oreal glossy Balms ($7.99 each); from the left: My Babydoll, Pink Me Up, small Plum as well as beautiful Mocha

Dear Karl Lagerfeld,

Look, I get it. Dělám. I completely comprehend why you feel so strongly about sweatpants. I feel the exact same method about using pajamas in public.


When I grew up, pajamas were strictly for utilize at home, as well as I still hold on to that belief. nobody ought to have to see a grown guy using red plaid pajamas on a Tuesday afternoon at the mall. I mean, really? You couldn’t spare 10 seconds to put on jeans? Prosím…

Sweatpants, however, I don’t know… I truly like a few of mine, as well as they’re not all bad, Karl. I have a killer pair by Zella that does fantastic things for my bum. Makes me look like I spend all the time doing squats with J. Lo as well as cutting carbs.

Plus, I wouldn’t understand what else I’d wear with my L’Oreal Colour Riche glossy Balms.


Kočky a make-up mikina?

$ 42.

Nakupuj teď

From the left: Pink Me Up, My Babydoll, beautiful Mocha as well as small Plum
Come on, Karl, don’t act like you’re as well great for the drugstore. *Snaps in a Z formation.* I’m telling you, I truly believe you’d like these balms. They have as much pigment as any type of of the other lippies in my makeup bag as well as an elegant, soft radiate deserving of the home of Chanel.

Cute type!

Now before you shout “blasphemy!” take a look at this packaging. Isn’t it fun? one of those twist-up crayons would look best at house in your black gloved hand. photo it: you might wave it like a scepter as you bark orders at one of Choupette’s two maids.

Much to their credit, these lively L’Oreal glossy Balms ($7.99 each, as well as offered in eight shades) don’t take themselves as well seriously, which I believe is great. The chubby, twist-up crayons exude fun, as well as the balms, which are quite pigmented as far as lip balms are concerned, have a casual, soft shine. The unscented, unflavored, non-sticky formula only lasts about an hour, however that’s common for a balm. They’re likewise relatively moisturizing, although I do believe think they might stand to be a bit more.

If you’re new to these, I suggest starting with pinkish brown beautiful Mocha, a ideal MLBB shade. discover it as well as the seven other shades now at drugstores, Ulta as well as online.

MAKEUP as well as charm blog RATING: B+/A-

Swatches from the left: My Babydoll, beautiful Mocha, small Plum as well as Pink Me Up
Lovely Mocha
My Babydoll
Pink Me Up
Petite Plum
S Mac Levýk pro měřítko
And, yes, these lip balms look totally casual. completely lively as well as laid back. perfect for lazy Sunday afternoons full of French fries as well as vanilla shakes. In the land o’ lip products, they’re like the sweatpants, as well as I like them extremely much.

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P.S. Karl, I truly do appreciate you reminding me to never provide up — both with my endeavors as well as in fashion. If you ever feel inclined to produce a wardrobe of customized couture Chanel for me, I won’t stop you. just please keep in mind to include a number of Chanel bags, ’cause sista likes to accessorize.

P.p.S. Please send my regards to Choupette, as well as Tabs states bonjour.

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