Purchases of non-makeup items

You didn’t think I would just stop shopping altogether; just stay home and watch full house reruns, did you?

I still enjoy shopping and have picked up a few things here and there – nothing major – today I thought I’d share with you some of what I’ve bought lately!

VS incredible Demi Bra (sharkskin grey)

This is the bestest, most comfortable bra I’ve ever worn! It’s not crazy padded, the underwire is concealed, and the fabric is super soft and silky.  I already own it in a black and a nude – I’ve been wearing them to death so I wanted another neutral shade, but every time I go to VS, they are sold out of my size. I was lucky to score this last one, which was misplaced in another area.

Danier Zoey small wallet (crimson)

I really didn’t need another wallet but I had been eyeing this one and when I saw that it was discounted to $29, I couldn’t resist. I like how compact it is – both sides have zip sections and it opens to a billfold with slots for credit cards.  It’ll be handy for travelling.

Kawaii Poop pen and pencil sharpener

Yes, POOP pens and pencil sharpeners are real items for sale!  I, naturally, got the brown colour in both of them.  Yup, I’m immature. I got these from a cute little stationary shop in Koreatown, called Mr. Pen.

Hello Kitty stuffed toy

Bought this for a pal who is having a baby – it has a built-in rattle!

Disney Minnie mouse dress and headband

Also bought this for same pal – she already has a son and is thrilled to be having a little girl!  (No, her name isn’t Molly, this was just the stock photo showing that the item can be customized and Molly was the sample name) I can’t wait to see the baby wearing this outfit.

Kokosový olej

I’ve been wanting to try doing a hair mask with coconut oil – I didn’t need anything fancy and spotted this jar for only $5.50 – it’s organic too. [I feel like this jar was mislabeled because I saw the exact same item at another store and it was $15 which is more aligned with prices I’ve seen for coconut oil]

InterDesign vanity organizer clear acrylic, 2 drawers

A HomeSense score for $20 (HomeSense is part of the TJMaxx family, it focuses on home decor stuff). I wasn’t 100% sure if I would keep this – it all depended on whether it would fit with the rest of my organizers, but it works well.

Umbra cuppa measuring cup set (red)

I’ve been eyeing this set forever but didn’t want to dish out $10, so when I saw it at Winners for half that, I grabbed it.

And that’s some of the non-makeup stuff I’ve bought lately. Co o tobě? What non-makeup items have you purchased recently?

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