Trash Stash: November 2016

At the beginning of every month, I think to myself, “this month I probably won’t have too lots of empties, I might have 2 or 3 max”. Then around the third week of the month, I am unexpectedly faced with a bag full of empties. Jdi zjistit.

I finished some big containers too.

Péče o kůži

Andalou Naturals Pumpkin Honey Glycolic Mask – 50g
This took me ages to finish this jar because I set it aside while I was doing Photorejuvenation /IPL on my face. I did review of this here. It was a good AHA mask but I don’t love the pumpkin smell so I’m on the fence about repurchasing.
Stash hodnota: 8/10 odkup: možná

Elizabeth Arden flawless Future Eye Gel – $50 for 15ml
This took me ages to finish because I didn’t like it much. It’s lightweight but doesn’t hydrate too well. I generally used it during the warmer months when I didn’t need to much moisture. This tube probably lasted me 3 years with on and off usage.
Stash worthiness: 4/10     Repurchase: No

Clarins men incredibly moisture Balm – 50ml
Not mine but I’m going to count it here anyway. I gotten this for the SO years ago as a gift (he asked for skincare for Christmas one year – can you believe it?) but he’s horrible at remembering to use this nightly. I don’t know why it’s so tough for him to stick to a skincare routine – it’s just like brushing teeth or taking a shower! The cream is getting all dried out in the tube – next time he asks me for skincare, I’m just going to get him something from the drugstore! As far as I know, this cream worked well for him and it smelled nice.
Stash hodnota: 8/10 odkup: ne

Etude house Hyaluronic Acid 0.2 therapy Air Mask – $1.3 USD each
I read about this mask over at Asian appeal obsessed blog and I was interested by how thin the mask looked. I even commented on her post that I was interested in trying this mask one day… only to realize that I actually have this mask in my stash!  I echo everything she said on the review post – there’s a lot of serum and the mask is so thin that it nearly disappears into the skin. It hugs my face even better than 3D masks and the hydrogel mask that I tried. In fact, I’m going to say this is one of my much-loved sheet masks, ever.
Stash hodnota: 10/10 odkup: ano

Péče o tělo

Cake appeal Creamy Coconut supreme Body Mousse – $12.99 for 1L
This made my favourites list. Tato láhev mi trvala 3 měsíce s každodenním použitím. Side note: it’s so funny that this is provided as $55 on the Cake appeal site because these are regularly showing up at Winners / Marshalls for $12.99 – I highly doubt any individual gets this at regular price.
Stash hodnota: 9/10 odkup: ano

Dermal therapy Hand Elbow and Knee cream – $10 for 100ml
Found this in a clearance bin at Rexall and ended up liking it a lot. It’s silicone and glycerin based so it creates a protective barrier on the skin that lasts even after hand washing. I used this generally at night because it’s fragrance-free. The SO gets annoyed with certain scents that I use for my hand cream.
Stash hodnota: 9/10 odkup: ano

LUSH Bouncy Bunny shower Jelly – ~$7 for 100g
This was so much fun to use, but it was also a really great showering gel. This also made my last favourites list. This was limited edition but if they bring it back, I’m going to get it again. The whole bunny jelly lasted me a month with daily use. I’m saving this container to redeem for a complimentary face mask – I have 3 so far and I need 5 in total.
Stash hodnota: 9/10 odkup: možná

Péče o vlasy

Korres Liquorice and Urtica Shampoo For Oily Hair – 250ml
Another favourites list item. This cleaned my hair thoroughly and left it shiny and bouncy. The smell wasn’t my much-loved though.
Stash hodnota: 8/10 odkup: možná

Curl Keeper – $17 for 250ml
I stopped using this for a few months and I missed it a lot! This gives the best piece-y look to my wavy hair without any build-up or crunchy feel. A bottle lasts me around a month.  I stocked up on a few bottles from my hairdresser. They also sell this at trade secrets now.
Stash hodnota: 10/10 odkup: ano


Avon makeup setting Spray – $12 for 60ml
I showcased this in my summertime Skin essentials post – it’s terrific for setting makeup and the spray nozzle is really fine. The only issue is that it consists of alcohol.
Stash hodnota: 9/10 odkup: ano

Too amazing For school Dinoplatz Dear Brachiosaurus Blotting Paper – $10 for 50 pcs
I wanted to love this but I didn’t! The packaging is adorable, and I really like the concept of the sponge with the sticky tape to pick up each piece of blotting paper (see it in action here). But, the tackiness of the sponge diminished over time (due to the oils from the blotting papers) to the point that it stopped picking up the paper. Also, the sheets are quite small, so I typically ended up needing 2 for my face. I’m toying with keeping the case though, it’s so cute, plus it has a greatzrcadlo.
Stash hodnota: 5/10 zpětného odkupu: ne

CoverGirl LashBlast length mascara – $10.99
My least much-loved of the CoverGirl LashBlast mascaras. This formula also smudges on me which is pretty rare for a CG mascara.
Stash hodnota: 6/10 zpětného odkupu: ne

I took these photos prior to using the mascara so you can see the layout of the bristles.
CoverGirl blastPRO Plumpify mascara – $10.99
I was psyched for this because it came recommended but the wand is just over the top! I’d get mascara on my lids every single time I used this. The formula was respectable though so it wasn’t all for naught. I see that CG released an even crazier wand with the “So Lashy!” mascara – no thanks!
Stash hodnota: 6/10 zpětného odkupu: ne

Clarins double Fix’ Mascara – $25 for 7ml
This mascara makes any mascara waterproof. I always keep a tube of this around.
Stash hodnota: 10/10 odkup: ano

And I’m pleased to say that I did a tiny mid-month makeup purge! When I met up with some of my girlfriends, I made a decision to re-home these:

• Becca Ombre Rouge Eye palette (reviewed here)
• Smashbox double exposure palette (reviewed here)
• Tarte exposed blush (swatched here)
You may recall my cheeky review of the Becca palette where I named all of the yawn-fest colours (*snicker*), and I was less than pleased with the wet / dry claims of the Smashbox double exposure palette (although there were some stand-out shades in there). The Tarte exposed blush just didn’t impress me – and with so lots of blushes in my stash, I really didn’t need to keep this one around. These are all much better off in their new homes!


A few things that don’t fit anywhere else.

Beauty secrets Nourishing Acetone nail polish remover – $9 for $946ml
Now I can definitively state that a 1 litre bottle of nail polish remover lasts me around 13 months, considering that the last time I had a bottle of this in my trash stash was back in October 2015.  This is a terrific nail polish remover and very hospodárný. It’s Sally Beauty’s house brand.
Stash hodnota: 9/10 odkup: ano

Giordano cosmetic Pads – $1.59 for 80 pcs
I got these out of pour curiosity from the discount store considering that they kind of looked like Shiseido Facial Cotton… but nope, these were scratchy, not absorbent and very thin in comparison.
Stash worthiness: 4/10     Repurchase: No

Slatkin & Co. 3-Wick candle in Peach Bellini – $22.50 for 411g
This is the SO’s much-loved scent. I like it but don’t love it. Every so typically I hear that bath & Body works discontinued the Peach Bellini scent but they seem to always bring it back. This lasted around 9 months (I don’t burn candles too typically )
Stash worthiness: 8/10     Repurchase: Yes (for the SO)

Sample / travel size

Make Up For ever Smoky elegant Mascara – this is really clumpy, and smudgy. The bulbous wand shape is useless. bad mascara, bad!

Face shop Olive vital Toner – this isn’t a watery toner – a lot more of a milky essence / serum. I tried this with my MUJI diy sheet masks and it was really good. I quite liked this essence and would consider getting the full size which costs $15 for 150ml.

Shiseido Eudermine Revitalizing Essence – and while this is called an essence, it’s a watery toner. This is a cult product and I was very ecstatic to receive this in a gwp because I’d hear so much hype about it. But… it was such a letdown! It’s a run-of-the-mill toner and a tad drying on my skin. absolutely not worth the C$78 for the full size (for only 125ml – ha!).

The Body shop Shea Body Butter – it’s ok. Not my much-loved scent but the body butter gets the job done. I can’t really discern too much of a difference between the various body butter formulas except for the smells.

EVE LOM WHITE advanced Brightening Serum – I received this when I gotten the EVE LOM Cleanser. I got 2 uses out of it and it was just fine – would never shell out C$180 for 30ml of this.

Skeyndor Power C+ Energizing emulsion – I received this from the new esthetician I went to and I quite liked this – it’s lightweight and gave my skin a great luminosity. I got a week’s worth of use out of this packette. This costs C$90 for 50ml – considering it’s a spa-grade product, it’s not too pricey (ahem EVE LOM serum and Shiseido toner!)

Have you tried any of these products? I must have chosen some of these as my project pan items – namely that LUSH Bouncy Bunny shower Jelly or the curl Keeper.

Your Blogmas fix for today is a post about Christmas Trees:

We haven’t even taken out the decorations from our storage yet!

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