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I’ve been procrastinating on completing off this entry because it will be my closure post.  But, sufficient delay – it has to be done. This is going to be a rather self-indulgent post…

Initially I wasn’t planning on doing a publish such as this to wrap up the blog, however your comments when I made my statement discussed that I ought to be happy of my achievements. as well as you understand what? I am happy of what I’ve created! Let’s celebrate it.

I started this blog back in 2015 with one objective.  I had a great deal of makeup as well as I needed to stop purchasing more, utilize up what I got, as well as get rid of a bunch.  therefore started the No-Buy, trash Stash, as well as Purge posts.  I didn’t have a game plan beyond that, however that was half the fun of blogging – anything goes!

In terms of particular messages that gained the greatest page views over all the years, these were the tops.

Top 3 messages of All Time

#1 shift Eye shadow Shades

Every year, this publish outranks all other messages I’ve ever written on the blog. Jdi zjistit! I’d always meant to publish an update to this with much better pictures as well as updated shades however never did get around to it.

#2 Where Was it Made?

This is one of my personal preferred topics that I ever posted. I’m so pleased that it is likewise prominent – in some cases those two things aren’t mutual.

#3 My Cosmetics stock Spreadsheet

This isn’t so much a “pretty” publish however a helpful one. I hope out there, there are tons of people utilizing this spreadsheet to track their makeup stock – that believed brings a smile to my face!

In taking a look at these top posts, I’m keenly conscious that my many prominent ones were produced in the early days. Yes, I comprehend that they accumulate much more views because they’ve been around longer however I likewise personally feel these messages really catch the essence of what my blog is about.

Notwithstanding publish popularity, I do have some personal preferred messages (aside from the “Where was it made?” publish discussed above) that I’d like to highlight from every year (I went with all 616 of my published messages to narrow down to tyto…)

Favourite messages with the Years


• Inconsistent Products
• Chit Chat: Returning makeup (I have some remorse that I didn’t publish much more Chit chat messages – I did just recently publish one on blogging Do’s as well as Don’ts, which shown to be a hot button topic! In my draft folder, I still have 8 Chit chat topics that will stay unseen)
• MegaPost: Illamasqua nail polish Collection
• Grading My Friends’ Skincare routine (and the subsequent grade MY Skincare Routine, as well as Grading My Friends’ Skincare routine #2)
• Christmas Traditions (this is the most personal publish I’ve made on the blog so if you wished to understand much more about my childhood, have a read)


• JAPAN!!! (featuring Japanese makeup Haul, Japanese Food as well as Culture, as well as Japanese buying Experiences – looking back, I’m so pleased I had this blog when I took my very first trip to Japan to share my experiences with you, as well as to have a record of it for myself)
• Nordstrom Toronto charm Department
• happiness Highlights (huge thanks to Chanelle for inspiring this – as well poor I didn’t preserve it like she does)
• Nars Kabuki Ita clean as well as AliExpress Dupe
• Becca Ombre Rouge Eye combination (so much snark in this post!)


• MegaPost: customized Palettes (I desire I had done much more MegaPosts on the blog – they were so much work however so satisfying)
• BITE Lip lab Bespoke Lipstick celebration (more than just the lipsticks created, it was the time spent with the remarkable blog writers that makes this noteworthy )
• pillow foundation Rant (I firmly believe that I’m at my finest when I’m disgruntled)
• charm evaluating Guide
• 30 Day concealing Challenge
• economical drugstore nude Palettes

2018: A bit of a cheat because it’s only 2 months’ worth of messages however I do already have a couple of favourites.

• Surratt Artistique Cheek Brush
• present holy Grail charm Products

I feel these messages were me at my best, as well as I keep in mind having a great deal of enthusiasm composing them, as well as a ton of fun interacting with you in the comments.

Beauty Podcast

Although not part of the blog itself, I couldn’t not mention this extension to the blog.  The charm Podcast is the remarkable brainchild of feline of My Lip Addiction. If you had told me back in 2015 that I’d be recording podcasts, I would have laughed in your face!  however feline is extremely persuasive as well as assisted me go outside of my comfort zone.  I was guest #2 on her podcast as well as returned on episode 13 where feline suggested the concept of me co-hosting.  I stated yes, as well as the rest is history.  big thanks to feline for being the conduit to this innovative outlet!   thanks to the guests for subjecting yourselves to us, as well as particularly say thanks to you to all the listeners!  There wasn’t an official statement made, however it is verified that the charm Podcast is now concluded.  If you haven’t listened to them, all of the episodes will be kept up on iTunes, Google Play, Buzzsprout, as well as Stitcher for you to enjoy.


I took part in blogging collabs with fantastic fellow bloggers:
• Blogmas with Ingrid of Curly spring Blossom, Kaily of Hello Kaily, as well as Sharon of hello Sharonoox [back when she utilized to be called Sharon charm Prime ]
• job focus 10 with Ingrid of Curly spring Blossom, Jodi of A Brash Attitude, as well as delight of Styled With delight [who sadly, no longer blogs]
• job pan 12 with Ingrid of Curly spring Blossom, as well as Jodi of A Brash Attitude
• Swaps especially with DanniiJane for Valentine’s Day, as well as with Joyce for our birthdays
• $20 makeup difficulty with MyStyleInsideOut
• guest post: smooth Solstice Highlighting combination with Joyce of Local woman foreign Land, as well as my publish over at her blog, about my go to to Ephesus, Turkey

They state that blogging is a solo activity however many of my fondest memories are when I’m participating in a partnership with one more blog writer or a group. Which leads me to…

Most essential blogging highlight is YOU!

Allow me to be full of fromage for a bit. When I started this blog, I didn’t believe numerous people would checked out it. I composed it for myself as well as a few of my genuine life buddies who motivated me to begin a charm blog. I understand there are a ton of charm blogs available as well as there was absolutely no expectation that mine would get discovered at all.  however it’s so remarkable to be part of this neighborhood as well as satisfying all of YOU.  Your existence on the blog has made this experience so engaging as well as unforgettable. So YOU are my top blogging highlight!

Aww, reminiscing can be a bit sad!  however I’m likewise pleased that we were able to share all of this together. It has been a thrilling trip as well as I say thanks to you for coming along.  I’ll be seeing you around!

I don’t want to make this all about me so I’ll flip this around: I’d like to understand what your preferred messages from your own blog are! If you’re so inclined to sift with your posts, link me to a few of your preferred blog entries. I’d like to checked out them, if I haven’t already!

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