Saturday Surfing: September 30th, 2017

What are these? Persimmatoes? Mini-pumpkins?
Another day, one more Trader Joe’s shout-out.



Cokoliv, vole. I’m there a lot… What can I say?

Aren’t these small pumpkins cuuuute? My very first believed was, “Can I eat these poor boys??” however I don’t believe so. I believe they’re just for display.

My second believed was, “Ooh! great colors for a makeup look.” perhaps a creamy, satiny reddish orange lip with thick winged liner in a blackened greenish brown with a hint of greenish gold. Or perhaps an ombre liner that goes from greenish gold in the inner corner to blackened greenish brown toward the outer wing?


Kočky a make-up mikina?

$ 42.

Nakupuj teď

And what about the cheeks? perhaps an orange blush? however that may be orange overkill… I don’t know. I’d have to see the lips as well as liner first.

Hmm, providing myself ideas…

From the left: MAC Nifty Neon, Morange, Neon Orange as well as So Chaud; NARS Geraldine
The light orange on the left isn’t rich enough, obvs, however I might most likely figure out a method to work it in. perhaps as a cream blush?

What do you believe I must do for the lips? MAC Chili? Tom Ford Flame, Cristiano, Wild Ginger? NARS Lana?

While you ponder that, right here are a few of the appeal stories that got me thinkin’ this week.

My preferred part of this story about cult deal with cream La Mer is when Max Huber, the person who developed it, puts the cream in his eye.
Not on his eyelid, but, like IN HIS EYE.

Stock photography vendor Getty pictures bans photos that have been Photoshopped to make the designs look thinner or much better endowed, however really, they only go halfway, since they *still* accept pics with digital modifications to hair color, skin (like with acnes as well as wrinkles removed) as well as facial shape (like nose slimming, for example).

How to decode a beauty/skin care product label

I was moved by this blog publish on modification as well as have been believing about this quote all week long: “The modification today indicates a goodbye, however it likewise indicates a hello…”

The worldwide skin-lightening biz is booming…and that bums me out, man.

What does hypoallergenic truly mean?

More evidence that Estée Lauder is generally running sh*t in the cosmetics industry: shares of the business have surged 27.4% in the last six months.

This post is kinda dry as well as technical, however I believe it’s well worth a checked out for the information on the personal care products security Act as well as the cosmetic Modernization Amendments of 2017, which might effect appeal product security in the United States.

The tech that went into the NYX app.

A mommy utilizes her youngsters as lookouts while she steals makeup…

Wise words from Rose-Marie Swift, the creator of RMS Beauty: “My one recommendations is to not online in your ego. When you believe you understand whatever you already have lost. I have been in the market for over 30 some years if not a lot more as well as I still am discovering things every day. never close off your believing to new ideas, methods as well as chances that may be provided to you.”

OK, who’s prepared to go to Starbucks with me?

I can likewise swing by Peet’s too. however I decline to go to Blue Bottle. It’s so good, however the one time I went, I was up for three days.


Have a fantastic weekend, my friend. try to get in some rest if you can.

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