Untrieds: Kiehl’s Creme de Corps Coriander Whipped Body Butter

This was a limited edition item from winter season 2013… and just over a year later, I finally get around to opening it up!  This whipped body butter features one of my all time preferred fragrances: Kiehl’s Coriander Essence Oil (which is now discontinued.  Of course it is.  Everything I love gets discontinued…!)

I was quite thrilled to see the Coriander scent released in the form a body butter.  I had never tried Kiehl’s Creme de Corps lotion or body butter before, but I got over the initial sticker shock ($46 for body butter?!) and purchased this during the friends and family sale (20% off).

The most significant draw of this body butter for me is the Coriander scent so I’ll describe the fragrance.  The idea of a herb smell doesn’t sound appealing, does it?  The notes in the Essence Oil are: coriander oil, orange oil and patchouli.  The patchouli is very faint (I’m not typically a fan of patchouli) and to me, this smells mostly like turf mixed with a bit of spice and citrus.  I honestly think this scent ought to have been renamed to turf spice or Green Citrus, and maybe it would have been much more appealing.  The scent is fresh but not juvenile and it evokes casual weekends shopping for artisan vegetables at a farmers market (that’s what I imagine anyway).  The Coriander scent is captured true to the original Essence Oil in this body butter.

Nothing like opening up a fresh jar of body butter!
The body butter is a bright, practically synthetic looking, shade of yellow.  Its essential ingredients are shea butter, squalane, jojoba oil, and beta-carotene. only a small amount of the body butter is needed per application – it feels light and silky, and not greasy on the skin due to its whipped texture.  It’s not as rich as other body butters like The Body Shop’s or one of my favourites, the Biotherm Beurre Corporel Body Butter (I have both [unopened] in my stash) but this gets the job done. I’m enjoying using this and will be sad once it’s gone.  I hope Kiehl’s repeats this scent in the future.

Ingredient list.
I have another Kiehl’s Creme de Corps Whipped Body Butter in my stash from just this past holiday season, the Soy Milk & Honey scent (which also smells amazing), in the limited edition Craig & Karl developed jar (you’ll notice a pattern here, I’m a sucker for all things limited edition).  I’ll probably get around to opening that jar next winter, at the rate I’m going!

After 2 weeks of use.
s smells amazing
s nourishing
s lightweight and non-greasy
s only small amount of product needed

s expensive
s not as rich as other body butters

Stash worthiness: 8/10

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