September 2016 Low-Buy Accountability

I chose not to do a trash stash (empties) post for September because I’m so backlogged with messages but I certainly want to squeeze in my accountability for the month. here are some of the items that got added to my stash:

To refresh, for the month of September, I had -$91.68 balance left in my budget. Yup, you read that correctly, I was in the hole. No makeup spending for me. but luckily, I went on getaway in September so the “Vacation Clause” kicked in, as is widely known.

Firstly, here’s the Mediterranean cruise makeup haul that I just posted about this week:

I purchased my first Catrice and also a bunch of Korres makeup! and that’s it in terms of makeup. Here are the other items I purchased earlier in September before I went on vacation:

Online Order

Shiseido The makeup blush brush – ever because I got my paws on the Powder brush when I was in Japan, I’ve been kicking myself for not getting the blush brush as well. I sought it out on ebay and when the Canadian dollar was a little stronger, I chose to take the plunge. I’m so pleased I did. I’ll do a review of the various brushes I’ve acquired this year.


These are random acquisitions when I hit up the various Winners either on the way home from work or on the weekends. I probably purchase something for every 4 times I visit a Winners store.

You Cosmetics charm Blender Cleanser Rosewater – I’ve never tried a spot brush cleanser before, but ever because I started project Pan, I’ve been sticking to the same few brushes because I’m wearing the same eye shadows day in, day out. but the idea of not cleaning those brushes gives me the heebie jeebies so I hope this brush cleanser will work well. I noted that it’s alcohol-free which is essential to me because I mostly use natural bristle makeup brushes and I didn’t want the alcohol to dry out the bristles.

Sukin Micellar Cleansing Water – I was so thrilled to find a whole display of Sukin skincare products but even much more thrilled about finding the micellar waters again!

I tried it earlier this year and it is so good that it challenged my longtime preferred micellar water from Yves Rocher – the Sukin made my favourites of early 2016 list. and I was shocked that they were only $5.99 each. I know that the bottle I got back in January cost $9.99. So of course, I grabbed 2 bottles. They have expiry date of March 2018.

Holika Holika One service Anti-Wrinkle serum – I’m stocking up on serums in advancement of the upcoming winter. this one looks like a good one for night time. It always surprises me to see well-known Korean brands at Winners now.

La Roche Posay Effaclar K – remember how I was moaning about this being discontinued in Canada? Well, I found this at a Winners, just in time!  I went into a location that I don’t visit regularly and it was just sitting on the shelf, all by its lonesome. It’s fate, I tell you.

Shoppers drug Mart

Etival Ener-C Vitamin C mist and Brightening Serum – I recently finished the Paula’s Choice RESIST C15 very Booster which I love, but it’s a bit spendy with the current exchange rate (C$64 not including shipping) so I chose to give this home-grown brand a try (plus, I like trying new things). Etival is the private label skincare brand of consumers drug Mart. I’ve been implying to try something from them so I was pleased to get these during a 40% off sale (with the discount, the 2 items concerned C$32).

Bunch o’ Mascaras: (replacements – I go through mascaras quickly)
• L’Oreal Voluminous Butterfly Sculpt mascara – found this in a clearance bin for $3
• Essence I extreme volume mascara
• Essence get Big! Lashes mascara
• Annabelle Expandable mascara – I like the idea of twisting this mascara wand for much more / less drama. I am a sucker for gimmicky mascaras and this was on sale for $5

The day I got back from vacation, I retrieved my mail and came across this:

I had just one day left to redeem it… 10% off makeup! thoughts of hauling from Nars or Burberry danced across my jet lagged brain. but in the end, I opted to stay home and do copious amount of laundry instead of filling my life with much more makeup.

Guess what, my No-Buy is OVER! I’m now back in the black! I have $108.32 to spend in October… let’s see how long that lasts because I’m planning on going to the newly opened Nordstrom store here in Toronto soon.

To my fellow Canadians – I wish you a very pleased Thanksgiving! may your plates be full of Turkey, stuffing and… apple pie (you thought I was going to say pumpkin pie, didn’t you – I’m not that cruel).

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