Urban Decay’s quick simple attractive Partial false Lashes Are precisely What Their name suggests

using metropolitan Decay’s new quick simple attractive Partial false Lashes in Instalure ($15) on the outer corners of my upper lash line
I’m keeping metropolitan Decay’s new quick simple attractive Partial false Lashes ($15) on metaphorical makeup speed dial for the next Monday morning when I’m feeling blah as well as requirement an simple pick-me-up. These will absolutely hit the spot, considering that they’re so quick to utilize as well as simple to apply.

When you and/or your lashes requirement a lift, as well as you either don’t have, or don’t want to spend, the time taking care of the drama that commonly accompanies false lashes, partials like quick simple attractive are great.


I’m a huge fan.

I phone call them starter falsies, considering that the shorter band makes them much much easier to manipulate as well as control.

Perfect for fledgling false lash aficionados, or any individual who wants an much easier elegant fringe.


Kočky a make-up mikina?

$ 42.

Nakupuj teď

These three new styles from metropolitan Decay are like lightning in a bottle. I can apply any type of one of them in less than a minute.

Because they’re not as large as full-size false lashes, I don’t have to trim them in any way to fit, as well as ’cause they already have a blackened band, I can likewise avoid the additional step of having to darken the band with liner.

And I believe they just remarkable sufficient to get the task done.


Instalush, my preferred one of these three, has a criss-cross style that makes my lash line look full and, well, lush. MBB RATING: A

Instaflare likewise has a criss-cross design, however the lashes are longer at the outer corners, where they can subtly highlight those feline eye flicks. MBB RATING: A

Instalure’s lashes are directly as well as staggered, which I believe looks a bit odd on me, as well as the band is rigid as well as uncomfortable. This one’s not my fave. MBB RATING: C

As for the glue metropolitan Decay utilizes for these, talk about remarkable adhesives. Unlike Duo glue, which smells like a fish rotting in a teen football player’s fitness center locker (EWW), the glue UD utilizes has no scent, as well as the applicator idea makes it simple to apply the glue exactly along the lash band.

Seriously, Tabs has no thumbs…and I bet he might do it.

Ale to není všechno. Each of these sets likewise includes two pairs, sweet!

You can discover all three of them now for $15 a box in the metropolitan Decay long-term line at Ulta, choose Macy’s stores as well as on the internet at urbandecay.com.

Summer, summer, summertime

Have you gone anywhere yet this summer? Taken any type of fun trips?

El Hub as well as I have stayed close to home, for the most part, since Tabs has had a hectic summertime with great deals of kitty modeling, however we’re taking a short trip to Tahoe in a couple weeks, as well as I’m extremely excited!

Last time we were there was in 2012 (I rode a jet ski for the very first time). The lake water was awfully chilly, however whatever was so pretty, as well as there were great deals of fun things to do.

I believe I’m going to bring my wetsuit this time around so I can do a lot more water activities like stand-up paddle boarding as well as kayaking around the lake.


Have you ever been to Lake Tahoe?

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