Trash Stash: June 2015

The end of June marks the official mid-point of the year! I’ve always wondered why it’s “Christmas in July” when it truly makes more sense to be in June!

It was particularly satisfying to surface a few of these products this month because many of them I’d been utilizing for a long time.

Vichy NutriExtra Fluid Replenishing Nourishing Body Care – $25 for 400ml (drugstores)
I have no hint where this came from; it just appeared in my cupboard one day. I must have got it in a set or a gwp or something. It’s a lightweight cream-gel structure body lotion with a light refreshing grapefruit scent.  No greasy feel as well as my body is moisturized all day. I truly liked this, however I don’t believe I’d shell out the moolah for this.
Stash worthiness: 8/10     Repurchase: No

Uniq One all in One Hair treatment – $18 USD for 150ml (beauty supply stores, salons)
This is a deluxe sample size that I’ve been having a hard time to utilize up. My buddy got this in a loot bag as well as passed this to me since it’s not appropriate for her hair type.  I was excited to try this since it has ten hair benefits! however all I noticed was that it was super silicone-y, as well as smells extremely strongly of men’s aftershave (the 4th component out of the 25 listed is perfume!).  It did leave my hair feel soft as well as detangled, however I didn’t notice any type of other benefits.  It didn’t evaluate my hair down which was a plus.
Stash hodnota: 5/10 zpětného odkupu: ne

Reviva Labs Lindenflower Facial Spray – $6.30 for 236ml (
I wished to like this since it was suggested so frequently on the internet as a great hydrating mist to apply before skincare. The components are top notch: glycerin, hyaluronic acid, aloe etc, as well as felt hydrating on the skin.  But I just couldn’t handle the excessively aromatic floral scent of this product.  The spray nozzle on the bottle was awful – it splattered around the location – I had to pour this into an empty Sukin spray bottle instead.  I’m not mad, just disappointed.
Stash hodnota: 6/10 zpětného odkupu: ne

Lise Watier MAGNIFIX cosmetics Fixative with White Tea – $22 for 150ml (Shoppers medication Mart, online)
This is the only makeup fixing spray that I’ve repurchased. It assists to eliminate any type of powdery look to my foundation as well as keep it looking radiant. I’ve tried the metropolitan Decay All Nighter spray as well as I didn’t discover it assisted my makeup last longer.  This has a subtle tea scent- for some reason, I like tea smells in skincare.  Sorry I couldn’t capture the fine print on this bottle as it was metallic, however it notes that this contains White Tea as well as Chitosan marine extracts.  The spray nozzle on this is quite sucky too, so I pour this into one more empty spray bottle.  I’m so picky about spray bottles!
Stash hodnota: 9/10 odkup: ano

Clarins Lotus deal with treatment Oil – $53 for 30ml (department stores, drugstores)
It was with a genuine sense of achievement that I poured the last decrease of this oil onto my palms as well as patted it on my skin. I like this stuff! This bottle lasted me more than 2 years. Clarins offers 3 kinds of facial oils (Santal, Blue Orchid, as well as Lotus) as well as I mainly selected this since I like the scent best. The Lotus one is meant more for oily / combo skin types so I generally utilize this during warmer months – otherwise it’s not hydrating enough.  This oil truly does assist to clear up my skin if it’s acting up from allergies – some nights this is all I put on my deal with before bed instead of my usual serum + moisturizer routine.  I have one more bottle prepared to go.
Stash hodnota: 9/10 odkup: ano

Missha konjac sponge – $5 (online)
I didn’t like the structure of this konjac sponge as much as my routine deal with shop one – it wasn’t as spongy or as exfoliating compared to that.
Stash hodnota: 6/10 zpětného odkupu: ne

Shiseido Bio-Performance super Corrective Serum – $98 for 30ml (department stores, drugstores)
This tube has been going strong for more than a year.  It’s truly meant for an around deal with serum however I only utilize this under my eyes – a small bit, the size of a grain of rice, is all that is needed for every eye.  It provides a smoothing impact however I’m not sure if it’s temporary because of the silicone content.  This was a contending for PUFU, except that the product itself isn’t visible with the vacuum pump bottle so I can’t take pictures to show my progress.  Damn cosmetics business putting their products in appropriate packaging!  I started my back-up bottle of this already.  I’m undecided if I would repurchase since it’s rather overpriced of what it is.
Stash worthiness: 7/10     Repurchase: Maybe

Shiseido Benefiance immediate treatment Eye Masks – $30 for 12 pairs (reg $72) (Winners)
This stuff is great however I would never pay full cost for it.  I did a full evaluation of this as well as my final thouGHT je, že poté, co jsem povrch krabic (1 více jít) dostanu retinol oční krém, s největší pravděpodobností z Avene.
Stash hodnota: 9/10 výkup: ne

Vyzkoušeli jste nějaký typ těchto produktů? Co jste v poslední době využívali?

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Trash Stash: Červen, stejně jako červenec 2017: Část 2 (Tělo, stejně jako péče o vlasy, make-up) a zde je část 2 mého června, stejně jako červenec Trash Stash: to je rovnováha toho, co jsem využil v minulých párech Měsíce, stejně jako zahrnuje tělo i péči o vlasy, plus make-up! Péče o tělo budu ukazovat něco “před” obrazy výrobků, než jsem s nimi dokončila.
10. srpna 2017 ‘Beauty ”

Trash Stash: únor 2017it je vždy šílený závod na konci měsíce, aby všechny své odpadky poskytly dobře stejně jako poskytnout svou poslední fotografii, než jsou vyhodili! XD Jsem trochu znepokojený, zda jsem udeřil svůj cíl jednoho dne kvóta … o_o pleť Saje Konjac Kare Green …
3. března 2017 ‘Beauty ”

Trash Stash: Listopad 2015With loňského legendárního koše stash, tento měsíc přinesl mnohem menší množství prázdnin. Jsem nejvíc hrdý na dokončení toho bitového hrnce prášku Laura Mercier! Laura Mercier Trick Rusné prášek – $ 30 za 4G (Sephora) Tento bitový hrnec nádherného prášku mi vzal tři roky na dokončení!
30. listopadu 2015In “krása”

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