New urban Decay Vice liquid Lipstick (Part 1): The Red and Orange shades

urban Decay Vice liquid Lipstick in Tryst, $18, and one of 30 Vice liquid Lipsticks in a completely new line from UD
Apparently, I have been remiss in keeping up with my gossip/pop culture blog reading, because I had no idea what a trap queen was.

Do you? because when I saw this new Vice liquid Lipstick from urban Decay, I was like, “What the hell is a trap queen??” Is she the queen of setting traps? Does she hunt? O co jde?


Well, apparently, it’s a song, and it’s about a bad-@ss chick.

So there you go. It’s just a glimpse into my future. I can see it now… Connor Claire will throw out pop culture references, and I won’t get them.

The new urban Decay Vice liquid Lipsticks

Trap Queen is one of 30 brand new $18 Vice liquid Lipsticks, a new line coming soon from urban Decay. (To find out exactly when they arrive, you can sign up on the urban Decay website, and they’ll let you know.)


Kočky a make-up mikina?

$ 42.

Nakupuj teď

25 of 30 new urban Decay Vice liquid Lipsticks, $18 each
Urban Decay Vice liquid Lipstick in Trap Queen
Most of the 30 shades are mattes, and there are also a few metallics. Not all of the shades will be available everywhere, either. some of them will only be available on the urban Decay website and at freestanding UD stores (there’s a list below).

I hope you don’t mind if I break these up into a couple of posts, because baby girl is due for lunch (a chicken-apple-sweet potato puree), and she can’t wait for mommy to finish swatching two dozen liquid lipsticks for hours (she’s actually “talking” about it right now, a.k.a. “baby talking really loudly,” and I can’t hear myself think).

The oranges and reds

She did, however, allow me to swatch the reds, and I can already tell this much about this line: they look breathtaking in pics! Like, if I just slept in a chaise lounge all day long while people snapped pictures of me, and I didn’t have to eat or drink or interact with anybody ever, my matte lip game would be SO on point.

Of this first batch here, flame (has a metallic finish) looks like a hot mess up close, with vertical lip lines galore, but somehow it still looks amazing in pics.

Six of the seven red shades in the urban Decay Vice liquid Lipstick line from the top: Crimson, Trap Queen, 714, Tryst, Tilt and Flame

Pigment = YASSS

These are intensely pigmented (you don’t need to apply much), and the unscented, unflavored formula isn’t drying.

Urban Decay Vice liquid Lipstick in Flame
What about the wear time?

I wore shade 714 for about six hours today, by which time I’d finished two meals and two big jugs of water. I also went through several tissues filled with nasty green snot (sorry…I’m getting over a cold right now), and kissed the back of my hand roughly 50 times to simulate roughly how many times I would have normally kissed Connor, and 714 didn’t hold up well.

The color around the edge of my upper lip and in the middle area had all but disappeared. most of the color on my lower lip was still there, but it was hanging out with my lip flakes, so I’m not sold on the wear time of these yet. I don’t think they last as long as the MAC retro Mattes, but I’ll keep you posted as I keep playing with them.

Urban Decay Vice liquid Lipstick in Tilt
Urban Decay Vice liquid Lipstick in 714
Urban Decay Vice liquid Lipstick in Crimson
What’s the take-home message so far?

Even though I don’t think these will last as long on my lips as some other liquid lipstick formulas, they look amazing in pics when they’re freshly applied. If I were wearing them and living that paparazzi life, kickin’ it with the Kardashians…

Wait — forget that. I wouldn’t want to do that. Kanye looks like a handful, and I’d be that one person in the crew continuously rolling her eyes.

But I digress…

The shades that will be exclusive to the UD website and freestanding UD stores

Disturbed, a deep brick red

Double Crossed, a deep berry

Pandemonium, a bright purple

Twitch, a soft purple with blue undertones

Crank, a bright berry fuchsia

Flame, a bright orange with golden micro-glitter

Tilt, a bright orange

Brat, a warm baby pink

Naked, a nude pink

Rapture, a dusty Rose

Shades exclusive to the UD website and UD counters

Time, a gunmetal-navy with silver shimmer

Studded, a metallic grayish brown

Conspiracy, a plummy bronze shimmer

Blackmail, a deep berry wine

Purgatory, a deep berry with pink sparkle

Mad, a bright purply shimmer

Firebird, a deep fuchsia

Menace, a medium fuchsia-pink

Big Bang, a bright pink sparkle

Tryst, a reddish fuchsia

WSM, a rosy pink

ZZ, a soft pinkish purple

Trivial, a pinkish nude

Backtalk, a mauve nude pink

Amulet, a brick rose

1993, a medium brown

Rock Steady, a deep wine red

Crimson, a rich red

Trap Queen, a bright red with golden shimmer

714, a bright red

Váš přátelský sousedství Charm Addict,



P.S. Když už mluvíme o písních (od když jsme mluvili o pasti Queen?), Slyšel jsem to jeden od Kelis poprvé ve věku. Měl jsem iTunes nastavit na “náhodné,” a přišlo to, zatímco Connor a já jsme dělali každodenní dávku maminka / dítě tanec.

Měla mě přemýšlet o tom, jak nikdy nevíte, co budete dělat v životě, až příště uslyšíte určitou píseň. Stejně jako naposledy jsem slyšel, že tato píseň byla pravděpodobně před 10 lety, protože jsem měl CD v autě, a poslouchal jsem to, když budu řídit do své práce v literární agentuře (A.K.A “místo kde jsem uvízl za faxem po dobu 15 minut jeden den “).

Neměl jsem tedy ponětí, že bych ještě byl blogování v roce 2017 a poslouchat píseň znovu při tanci s mou dcerou. Život je blázen, co?

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