PP12: Lancôme Khol in love eye liner in chocolate affair

If you listened to the most recent MyLipAddition podcast, you would have heard me ranting about doing project Pan! I remain committed to this cause, but I have to admit, wearing the same makeup day in, day out, is really challenging when you have so lots of other options staring at you!

Today’s review is an item that is actually discontinued:

The Lancôme Khol in love eye liner in 101 chocolate affair was released as part of the spring 2013 In love collection, which featured charming Emma Watson:

I only picked up the eye liner from the collection, generally due to glowing reviews from RAEviewer (oh, the power of appeal gurus). But, I was pleased to have picked this one because I love this liner! and I’m really bummed that it was a limited edition formula.

First, I must address the spelling of “Khol” in the name. That’s how Lancôme spelled it. The proper way is “Kohl”. but I guess it’s creative license by the peeps at Lancôme.

It’s just a classic pencil liner, but the formula simply works with my eyes. I generally wear pencil liners on my lower lash line – for my upper lash line, I prefer a liquid or gel liner. Some pencil liners are really buttery smooth when I apply them, but they don’t stay put, or they tend to fade through the day. I’ve tried many liners from all the popular ones (Urban Decay, MAC, NYX etc) but this Lancome Khol in love is one of my all time favourites. Let’s compare some liners from my stash:

Note that I mostly use brown eye liners. I just don’t like the harshness of black on me. I wear brown, taupe, grey and often navy but rarely straight black liners. I chose brown / grey non-shimmery liners for comparison:

L to R:
• Dolly Wink Pencil eyeliner in Brown
• Shu Uemura drawing Pencil in M Dark brown 83
• Kat Von D Autograph liner in Immortal Love
• Lancôme drama Liqui-Pencil Longwear eyeliner in Pluie
• Lancôme Khol in love in chocolate Affair
• urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Smokeout
• NYX Slide On Pencil in brown Perfection
• Avon SuperShock in intense Brown
• MAC Powerpoint in Stubborn Brown

Yes, I have a minor problem with collecting eye liners too.

Every pencil applies smoothly – the most gel-like are Shu Uemura and Avon SuperShock – they nearly feel like liquid.

Here is the smudge test – I let the liners dry for about 5 minutes before smudging them. The top portion is smudged across with a cotton bud dipped in oil (to simulate my oily eyes!) and the bottom portion is smudged just with a dry cotton bud (to simulate rubbing).  Look at how the Shu Uemura, both Lancômes and the Avon just do NOT budge!  I will say though, having worn all of them, my preferred formulas are the Shu Uemura and Lancômes – I find the Avon to be really smeary and actually migrates onto my eyeballs.

This is me rubbing cleansing oil to remove the swatches – that Shu Uemura just refuse to quit!

Sadly, the Lancôme Khol in love eye liner itself is drying out and has shrunk away from the wooden casing:

This was a recent phenomenon – when I went to sharpen it (for the 3rd time considering that starting project Pan!), the lead fell ideal out! It’s still usable but I will toss this liner at the conclusion of project Pan, considering that I do have lots of other liners that I can use.

The Lancôme Khol in love eye liner is made in Germany (as is a lot of other eyeliners) and nearly all of the ones shown above are also made in Germany, even the Shu Uemura. The one exception is Dolly Wink, which is made in Japan.

I forgot to take a photo of the pencil on the scale… but it went down a bit from a recent sharpening:


When I started the project, the pencil measured 9.8cm, it is now 8.3cm.

As usual, the items that showed changes in their weigh were the base products – the foundation and powder:

Please check out my project pan friends for their updates:
• Jodi z pohráčního postoje
• Chanelle of Chanelle Hayleyyy

What’s your much-loved pencil eye liner?

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