I bought a $12 spray pump

I was just itching to purchase something at the MAC store.  I was at a mini-makeover a few weeks ago with my coworker as well as while she was making her purchases, I spied this:

It’s a spray pump.  I asked the makeup artist exactly how much it was. $12 CAD ($10 USD).  Against my much better judgement, I said, “I’ll take it.”  I’m now the happy owner of a $12 spray pump from MAC.

I should admit, I’m a bit of a spray pump connoisseur. Whenever I come across a product with a good fine mist, I either save the pump or the whole bottle (so far, my favourite spray pumps are from the Sukin toner as well as an old John Frieda root Awakening Spray).  I’ve likewise bought countless empty spray bottles from the dollar store or health and wellness food store.  But none of them expense me much more than $3.

This puppy is made in France!  Assembled in Canada!  This explains why it’s $12. Only the bag is made in China. [how fun is the word “PUMPSPENDER”?]

Apparently this fits MAC’s travel bottles, which I also own.  I do truly like their travel bottles – they don’t leak as well as don’t retain odours, as well as mine have lasted for years (they expense $12 for a pair).  The travel bottle includes a flip top, as well as it switches quickly to the spay pump with a ideal fit:

The tube is a bit long for the travel bottle however it’s rather versatile so it can bend to fit or it can be trimmed to fit.  The spray pump includes a remove cap – ideal for travel.  So, exactly how does this $12 spray pump perform? *drumroll*

Unfortunately, not extremely well.  It splatters as well as sprays in blotches rather than providing a fine even mist:

SO disappointing!  I’m toying with the concept of returning it, however I truly dislike returning stuff.  In reality, the spray functions just fine – I’m just being picky.  For $12 though, I can be picky.  All I can state is, at least I didn’t purchase any type of makeup while I was at the MAC store!  I was behind opponent lines as well as I did NOT succumb to temptations.

If you’re in the market for either the spray pump or travel bottle, they’re usually hanging out by the money register on a spinner screen at freestanding MAC stores.

What impulsive purchase have you made lately?

(And NO, I did not buy the 137 long Blending Brush! I believe I’m over it now.)

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